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This is my story about how the networking event SEOktoberfest and the one-time sister event “SEO de Janeiro” helped me bring my business to a whole new level.

Here’s how it can work the same for you too.

How it all started in Rio

“SEO de Janeiro” was a special VIP conference setup as “sister conference” of the SEOktoberfest. And despite Munich being about 20% of the travel distance and cost, I booked this Rio event last minute sometime late 2008.

Back then I’ve been busy building links, building more links and running a ton of affiliate sites.

But what happened in Rio changed my (business) life.

The Birth of LinkResearchTools® (LRT)

While sitting around in the conference venue, discussed all sorts of SEO tricks, link pyramids, and other things with the other attendees, I started up my own “LRT” on my notebook.

This “Link Research Tool” back then was built by two part-time developers as an internal tool for me and my team of link builders back then.

That was February 2009 and of course, the tool wasn’t even close to what we have today.

But the guys were all excited and couldn’t stop looking at data with me.

They all said: “Wow, you should build a product, I would like to buy it!”

And that’s what we did.

I underestimated the efforts needed, so the first release on 9/9/2009 was slow and ugly. Like really slow, and horrid. It was a mess.

However, things worked out eventually.

LinkResearchTools (LRT) became the standard for link analysis and competitive research over the years.

With innovations like the Competitive Landscape Analyzer (CLA) in 2011 and the famous Link Detox® (DTOX) in 2012, that helped thousands of webmasters fix their Google penalties since then.

Parts of our functionality was copied by basically every SEO tool provider over the years, with limited success.

That same event I had some serious discussion with some fellow experts and attendees who were all knowledgeable and successful enough to afford that EUR 5.000 ticket as well. That really made a difference in the group I guess.

One topic was the question if I should do public speaking. Yes, in fact, I wasn’t sure if I should stick to my YouTube videos or also seek speaking gigs at conferences.

The rest is history. There’s nothing like speaking in front of thousands of people like in Brighton recently, and certainly, that first speaking gig at A4Uexpo Amsterdam 2009 was amazing, too. Someone tweeted “You were born for speaking” – and I think he was very right :-)

If you look up that old presentation from 2009 and know what we introduced later in LinkResearchTools (LRT), you can tell that I already teased people on things that we launched 6 or 12 months later.

Some other things I already did back then for my presentation

  1. Scheduled tweets to remind people to come to my session T-3, T-2, T-1, T-0.5 and it worked. It was packed already at first-time appearance, as you can see below. And that session was scheduled during the lunch break – I was a newbie after all!
  2. **“Inbound Give Away” - **I collected business cards AKA e-mail addresses from those people interested in a giveaway (a little “Juice” tool we built and gave away for free use)
  3. Follow Up E-Mails - obviously following up with an E-Mail, the slides in there and a call to action to talk more business

As you can imagine that first speaking gig was a huge success and ignited the phase in life where I sometimes cannot remember all names and faces anymore from talking to too many people to quick. It’s something I don’t have a fix for, except business cards, e-Mails, and photos on my iPhoto. And I got used to bumping into and talking with people that seem to know me very well, but I sometimes cannot remember at first. A good problem to have actually, as it means a lot of business and a huge network.

The Ignition and the Hustle

My point here is that both of these extremely effective decisions were both made in the same couple days, in Rio De Janeiro over beers with the right people.

What followed was years of hard work, frustration, investment, success, joy, and pain. If you think success comes from a little bit of networking on one event, then think again. It’s not just that.

BUT – the amount of energy and determination to “DIFN” (Do it Fucking Now)  and kick things off, steer in the right direction is what matters and what the event was about.

I even printed T-Shirts for my philosophy.

But then the hustle of course – this image about the “Iceberg Illusion” of success says it all.

You can, too – Like Sebastian from Germany

I’ve been attending and supporting the SEOktoberfest by Marcus Tandler since 2009 then, also contributing and sponsoring the SEOktoberfest Charity BBQ that yielded over 56k in charity money in 2014 alone, and total 206k Euro so far.

We set up different challenges over the years, like the SEO Scavenger hunt where people participated in a real-time game for the Last Ticket to SEOktoberfest. A ticket that no money, also not at the price tag of EUR 5000 can buy, simply because there are no tickets left.

Sebastian Weber won the LinkResearchTools SEO Scavenger hunt in 2013, and here’s what he has to say.

_ _

_ __ _

_I was fortunate enough to win the LRT scavenger hunt in 2014, and I can say with confidence: it changed my life! Not only meeting the brightest minds in SEO, but actually getting to know them, see what works and what doesn’t and a sense of community that is still there until this day. _

It also put me in a position to land my dream job - I met the VP of SEO of TripAdvisor, moved from Germany to the US and am loving every minute of it!

And hey, by looking at Sebastian in this image here at the SEOktoberfest Charity BBQ 2013 you get the impression he already had that plan all plotted out already.

Take the chance to join the SEOktoberfest 2017

If there’s one competition you should take part in, then it’s for this ticket.

Not for me. For you!

The event is described here in sufficient detail.

Just scroll down to see the “Experts” you will meet.

It’s an amazing crowd, and I’ve known some of these people for years. Some of them helped me A LOT. Others saved my life. All of them are just super-nice, super-knowledgeable and super-successful.

And here’s the kicker.

In addition to these 25 experts, you can be one of the 28 attendees.

Attendees like me.

Attendees from companies like Disney, TripAdvisor, successful people that are happy to pay EUR 5.000 to meet like-minded entrepreneurs.

Many other attendees grew in their success and life over the years with me.

It paid off every year for me.

And it will be for you if you win.

So much that I want you to experience the same, without spending a dime on the ticket or the hotel (which you probably couldn’t by now anyways, as Munich is totally overbooked)

The show is over.You can join our competition for the last ticket to SEOktoberfest #10 here.

If you only try to get to one event, it should be this one.

No money in the world can buy this ticket.

The final SEOktoberfest #10 in 2017 is ONLY opened to alumni of the past nine events.

The LinkResearchTools ticket is the only ticket that can go to an SEO

that never attended past SEOktoberfest events.

Good luck!

Please let me know if you have further questions and I’d be happy to help. Meanwhile here’s a great trailer with some impressions from the event.

Have a great day from sunny Vienna,

Me Christoph C. Cemper at the SEOktoberfest Charity BBQMe Christoph C. Cemper at the SEOktoberfest Charity BBQ


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