Why Building Your Email List Is so Important

The biggest mistake in online marketing is:

NOT capturing an email address.

NOT building your email list.

Here’s why:

An email list has always been my priority

I started to build a list from day one sometime in summer 2003.

And it helped me prosper.

It was basically a guarantee for my business over the years.

You need an email list

If you are doing anything online and you do not get the email addresses from people that engage with you, then you are totally missing out.

There is this saying, “The money is in the list.”

I’ll tell you something:

Your survival is in the list.

That’s how important your email list is.

You own your email list

If you don’t have a list of your clients and you don’t have emails, then nothing will help you in the future.

All the Facebooks and LinkedIns that are around today, will be gone in some years from now.

Your emails will remain or whatever follows that email technologically in the future.


So, get those emails.

Want to start building your email list?

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Christoph C. Cemper
Christoph C. Cemper
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