How Hertz Got 600% More Website Traffic With a Full Backlink Audit

Ever asked yourself:

“Why should we do a full backlink audit?”

“We did a backlink audit in the past and that was OK. Nothing going wrong, we are OK.”

Then read on.

Why you need to do a full backlink audit

Actually, “We are OK” and “Everything is going smoothly” is the new way of saying:

“I don’t wanna change, the status quo.”

The truth is, I believe that many companies out there have not recovered from Google penalties are still suffering from Google holding them back for toxic links because that audit was done wrong.

So, if you have done an audit in the past, don’t settle for that status.

How a full backlink audit might change your business

We can now do so much better and provide you with a full backlink audit.

Just like Hertz increased their traffic by 600% and increased the number of transactions by 714%.

How’s that?

By just using LinkResearchTools, doing a full link audit and cleaning up the backlinks, even big brands can win big.

What would 714% more transactions mean to your business?

Give it a try.

You won’t regret it.

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