Here’s Why Companies Like Hertz Are Seeing Incredible Results

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How to use SEO to get results

When people search the internet for your product or service, you want to be found before your competitors.

Moreover, you want Google to tell your potential customers that YOU are the company to do business with, and not the person down the street.

The impact of good search engine optimization (or SEO) is unparalleled.

And that’s what we help companies like Hertz do.

How LinkResearchTools helps you get incredible results

You see:

My company, LinkResearchTools, is a software that helps you analyze, protect and improve your traffic from search engines like Google or Bing.

We do that by analyzing your website and more important the backlinks to your website.

So, LinkResearchTools checks your backlinks to help you determine if your backlinks help you or hurt you.

And we have helped tens of thousands of businesses protect and improve their business.

Companies like Hertz have increased their revenue by almost 600%. Yup, they increased their transaction volume by a factor of 7: 714%.

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