How LinkResearchTools Fights Outdated Backlink Data

So how did I come up with LinkResearchTools?

I built links.

I did SEO as an online marketing agency,, my name, back then starting in 2003.

And I realized really quick that there is no quality data in the market.

The problem I set out to solve with LinkResearchTools

People actually didn’t even know what they were doing because they looked at outdated data.

This was a problem in 2003 that I solved in 2006.

Many companies still have the same problem today that they look at outdated backlink data.

And LinkResearchTools just helps fix that problem.

LRT re-crawls the data, it re-crawls the links and gives you data that you can trust for your online marketing, for your link building and for your SEO.

So it was just built because I needed it.

And I think now, you need it.

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Christoph C. Cemper
Christoph C. Cemper
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