How to Host a Successful Webinar That Sells

What’s the perfect webinar setup?

If you run a webinar, you want your webinar to always, always, always include, some kind of offer.

A webinar is the perfect place to sell

You always want to promote your product, if you want.

But promoting a product doesn’t mean it’s like an advertisement for 40 minutes.

In fact, in the beginning, you want to engage people.

You want to teach them something and you want to present your ideas.

Or show something in your application. Or in your product, if you have a Software as a Service (SaaS) business that could even go along with handing out free accounts.

How to create a webinar that sells

But when you show stuff, you can sell stuff.

And when you provide that value, you will realize how good your marketing is.

If you have 200 people sign up, only 150 or 100 show up anyway. And from those 100, you lose 10, 20, 30% again.

And the remainder that sticks with you for 20-30 minutes are those that you want to put your offer to. They are the people who you want to propose your product to, that you maybe want to give a special deal or ask for feedback.

You want to reach the most active viewers

The idea of the webinar is to not just one way to educate, like in a video but you have a tool at hand, where you can drill down, filter down from an audience that is just looking around to people that are actually interested.

And with all of those, everyone who stayed in the webinar for 20 minutes and was active, is a lot more qualified and those are the clients or leads that you want to go after.

OK? This is how to host a successful webinar that sells.

How to get people to your webinar

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