Want to Enjoy Work More? Do This.

One of our core values is to strive to enjoy every day in the team.

We spend so much time in business.

We spend so much time in the offices of our company.

Why your team matters

If you struggle to enjoy being with your teammates, this is maybe worse than being with the wrong partner.

You might not see your spouse as much as you see your teammates.

If you have someone on your team that you cannot live with, that you cannot work with, then this is a huge problem.

You spend so much time at work anyway.

How to enjoy every day at work

Our goal is to enjoy every day in the company.

It doesn’t mean just working around all joyful and just painting things in pink.

It means enjoying a conversation and enjoying a discussion.

Going through problems, through tough times is where the joy could come out as well.

Because figuring out solutions to problems, making something work, despite it being broken, this is where real joy is created in a team.

And you want to get there.

Just showing up for work won’t cut it.

Not today, not in 5 years and certainly not in 40 years or so, or however long you still need to work.

OK, thank you.

Want to enjoy work more?

Want to be a part of a team that aims to enjoy work more?

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