How to Fix a Hiring Mistake

How to fix a hiring mistake.

When we hired people in the past, there were a lot of mistakes that I made.

I learned from many of them.

The biggest hiring mistake I’ve made

The biggest mistake was assumption.

Or hope. Hope is not a business strategy.

Let me tell that however positive, however much looking forward both parties, the applicant and the company or the team, will be, the reality starts when work starts.

Just getting started, then hoping for the best is not the way to approach it.

You get started when the real work starts

You actually get started with the real work and this is where the problems show up.

And let me tell you that it doesn’t get better if it starts in a bad way, if it doesn’t click within a couple of days in a small team.

It doesn’t get better over time.

How to fix a hiring mistake

I’ve realized together with my team that 1 or 2, maybe 3 weeks, are enough to judge on the question if someone is a good fit for the team or not because what are you waiting for?

A revelation from Jesus?

To come to his mind? Or her mind?

No, it doesn’t happen.

The biggest mistake here is waiting and hoping.

If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work and you can say this in a very professional and direct way as soon as you know.

You know when you’ve made a hiring mistake

And let me tell you:

You know it.

Sooner than you think about it, you feel it in your gut.

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