Why Investing in Your Education Makes All the Difference

“Why should I pay for my education?”

This is a question I get sometimes when I talk about our training, LinkResearchTools Certified Professional Training, which we run in Vienna, in London, in Las Vegas, you name it…

I’m surprised to hear that question because obviously, everyone pays for his or her education.

Why education is always an investment

You see, everything is a transaction.

Even if you don’t pay any fees, you invest your time.

Can you buy back time?

No. I can’t buy back time either.

And do you have time to lose?

No, we are all getting older.

Invest in education = invest in someone else

Now, if you want to educate yourself, you want to learn, you want to keep up with fast-changing realities…

Investing in yourself and spending money on training means that you spend money on someone else, who knows more than you, to spend time with you.

He wouldn’t do that, without getting paid.

And that’s why you need to invest in your education.

But… What about all the free information online?

If you think you can learn something in online marketing online, because you have all these blogs, let me tell you a warning.

Most of the stuff that you will find online is outdated.

It might be a year or two or three years old.

If you come to a paid training you have access to the experts, to the authorities…

…To go deep and get fresh content, fresh knowledge.

And THAT’s why it’s important to invest in education and in yourself.

It’ll pay back dividends.

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Christoph C. Cemper
Christoph C. Cemper
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