The Secret to Measuring Success and Results

What’s one of our company core values?

It’s something I get a lot of feedback on. I’m already looking forward to yours!

You see:

We focus on measuring success and results - and not hours.

Now, you might say:

“Ahh, he just wants to steal hours from his team, he just wants to force people to do over hours.”

I’ve heard all of this.

Just keep your objections coming.

Let me tell you that this is one of the most important mindsets:

Results matter.

Whatever it takes…

…Actually, I’ve got a wristband here that says “Whatever it takes” thanks to Grant Cardone.

And this is the same idea:

Making sure that you get a result out of the door. Be it some piece of software, some piece of marketing, a video… You’ve gotta finish it.

Put in the hours

If you struggle, if you have problems, then you will need some extra hours.

If the client is not getting back to you, of course it means some extra hours.

Or, if you make a mistake and you have to start all over, it’s some extra hours.

But don’t play the victim about all these extra hours.

Sure, you can play the victim if you cannot finish it at all…

But, the typical complaint that you tried hard is not what we wanna hear.

Of course, trying hard is the usual excuse, the usual complaint.

That you tried hard, that you tried everything but we cannot do this.

Let me tell you that I don’t care and my team doesn’t care about that either.

We either get it done or we have a conscious decision to not do it.

Just trying hard is the same thing as failing.

What can you do to achieve results?

In my perspective, results matter.

Not the hours put in.

That might mean staying up late.

It might mean getting up early in the morning at 4 am, before a flight to the US, to write a summary email for my team so they have something to work through for the next days with me not being there…

…then that’s what it takes.

Let’s not think about the hours

Instead, let’s think about the results!

You see, I have seen people deliver amazing results, outstanding results in 2 hours that other people could not deliver in 20 hours.

There is the 10x comparison again.

It has to do with skills.

It has to do with luck.

Whatever the reason - results matter.

We look at and we appreciate and we celebrate the results.

This is one of the core philosophies in my company and me personally as well.

Want to know what measuring success and results looks like in practice?

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That’s what this principle looks like in action.

Christoph C. Cemper
Christoph C. Cemper
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