Who Is a 10X Performer?

10x coders, 10x developers.

There are two people that you may or may not know.

What we can learn from Mark Zuckerberg and Rand Fishkin

On the one hand is Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook, you know the teenager that built Facebook.

And on the other hand there is a good friend of mine, Rand Fishkin, who runs an SEO tool company called Moz.

The Moz tools you are probably aware of if you are in the United States and you have done a little bit of online marketing.

It’s a very affordable, you can call it cheap solution for basically everything.

Everything out of the box, there are some upsells there. But…

Both are business owners, business drivers.

The two opinions on 10X performers

One opinion says:

“There are people that can have 10x more creativity, 10x more output than others.”

That’s actually Mark Zuckerberg.

My friend Rand Fishkin claims that more or less everyone is the same, and with the right input, with the right environment, everyone could become a 10x performer.

What do you think?

What is your opinion?

Do you think everyone can perform the same if you just provide the same environment?

If yes, please let me know.

Because I just don’t buy that.

Why I don’t think everyone’s a 10X performer

In my experience, in my team, a team of warriors, a team of 10x warriors we have high performers, amazing people that I look forward to meeting every morning because I’m so excited to see what else they did.

And I have learned this the hard way and I have had a lot of lower performers on the team in the past.

They did not develop and did not get better.

Maybe I just did it wrong.

But I’m curious:

What do you think?

There are 10X performers in the world

I believe there is a rare group of people in the world who are just extraordinary in their output, in their quality, in their everyday work.

OK, so I follow Marker Zuckerberg’s 10x idea as well.

What about yourself? Let me know.

Want more?

Want to learn more about what it takes to be a 10X performer?

That’s what my book “Spaghetti Code: Detangling Work and Life with Programmer Wisdom” is all about: http://cemper.co/tenxperformer

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