Want a Career Change? Here’s the One Thing You Can’t Miss.

It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

You want to finish what you set out to do. But something keeps you back.

Here below, I reveal the secret that has helped me transition from software to marketing and beyond. Make sure to read to the end to see how you can take the leap today.

How I transitioned from software developer to online marketer

I wasn’t always an online marketer.

In fact, I’ve been a software developer, project manager, entrepreneur… The list is long.

I started out working with lottery companies in France, USA, and Germany. There, we built this crazy software that topped all software security standards we have today in internet and banking.

But even before that, I was an entrepreneur. Before finishing school, I developed computer games.

What I did was build them and then sell them to publishing houses that distributed these games across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

In other words:

I’ve had a pretty diverse career.

But how did I do it? And, how can you use this in your career?

What you need to do today for a successful career change

Over these years and decades, I’ve learned something extremely important.

The thing is:

The secret to a successful career change is simple.

It’s showing up.

Put in the work and put in the hours.

Go beyond that frustration point that makes most people throw up their arms and give up.

Finish what you set out to do.

It’s the only way to transition from where you are today to where you want to be.


Your happiness and sense of purpose depend on it.

So take that first step today.


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Christoph C. Cemper
Christoph C. Cemper
Founder, CEO, Creator

My interests include SEO, software, product marketing, business automation and a lot of geekery.