Why Positive Thinking is Key (It’s Not What You Think)

You know that time I got sued in court? It taught me something important. Here’s what I learned… and what happened.

You see, one of our core values in our company is:

“Think and talk positive.”

But it’s not what you think. Read on to learn what we consider as positive thinking.

Yes, you can speak frankly

This does not mean that you cannot call bad things bad.

This does not mean you cannot put your finger into a wound and say:

“This went really really shit, bad, I hate it”

Of course you can!

We do not to, you know, want to walk around like hippies on drugs and be happy all day.

It’s not about being happy at all.

What is positive thinking all about?

Talking positive is taking a step aside and whatever shit happens, you wanna take a different angle and look at the big picture.

“How did this help us?”

It’s reframing a problem:

“What were the learnings out that?”

So if you spend a lot of time and money and it goes wrong, there is always, always, always something to take away from that.

If you just sit around and complain and bitch about that, then you are doing it wrong.

This is what I’m saying, there is no problems with emotions, there is no problem with fears.

All of these things are human and happen.

A real-life example

But, we strive, we target to find something to take away and let me tell you whatever bad things happen to me, including being sued in court in Germany…

You know what the good thing about that is?

I can now say that my product was tested in court.

How great is that?

Because I won, OK? And if I had not have won I would probably have another takeaway.

This is food for thought.

This is what think and talk positive means.

It’s not about always just smiling around, saying “Everything is fine!”. Because then usually it is not.

So that is some important context here for you to understand about positive thinking.

Want more?

I share more practical approaches you can take in work and life in my new book “Spaghetti Code”.

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Christoph C. Cemper
Christoph C. Cemper
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