The #1 Biggest Hiring Mistake (I’ve Made This)

So here is a hiring mistake I made.

Hiring too fast…

…you could call it hiring too fast…

…is hiring with too high expectations…

…and it’s the single biggest hiring mistake that I made in the past.

Your expectations are too high

If you hire someone, he or she is very much looking forward to getting the job.

We are all excited, we are all euphoric.

But let me tell you, that this is where the problems start.

I’m all excited, all euphoric, all the time.

But the truth is work really starts when work starts.

Interviews are artificial

Whenever you talk in an interview, however many assessments you have- it’s all artificial stuff.

We even have people come and join the team for a couple of hours.

My saying is:

We can continue the talk now for a couple of days and it will still be artificial.

It starts when you have an everyday routine.

Assume it’s the best match

So, the best for both parties is really to assume that this is the best possible match.

And then just be frank, be very open, be very very conscious, that the moment a new person walks in the door and joins the team, this is still a great match on day 2, on day 3.

And you have to earn your day 2 or 3, your day 4, your day 7.

Never stop developing, never stop learning.

So, the biggest hiring mistake is this:

Hiring too fast, hoping for the best…

You see, hope is not a good business strategy.

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