How to Build a Personal Brand That Stands Out

Want to know how to build a personal brand that stands out?

People always ask me:

“What’s the story with the orange jacket?”

Listen, it could be blue or green or red.

Orange was available, no one else had it.

Why people notice me wherever I go

I started using it and it works like a charm for my personal branding.

I use it at conferences and I have one jacket on me and another jacket at the booth.

So when I’m on stage speaking to 3000 people… You think they can all talk to me right after that?

No. They walk around at the expo and they see an orange jacket at the booth.

How to build a personal brand that stands out

My orange jacket like a magnet for people that walk up to the booth, talk to my team and find me there.

It’s like that symbol.

You know, like a brand symbol that connects Christoph with LinkResearchTools.

That’s what a powerful personal brand looks like.

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