How to Relax: Here's How to Find More Balance in Life

Something people ask me all the time is this:

“So Christoph, you are obviously under pressure you run a business, you have family and kids…

…so how do you relax, what do you do for relaxation?”

Listen, I’m not a sports guy, so that’s not something I do for relaxation.

But I found this one tool, one method that I love- and my wife loves it too.

How to relax

The tool I love is called Transcendental Meditation.

It actually comes from India and it has religious roots.

Basically it’s a simple method that makes you think and makes you think in a more relaxed way about stuff.

It’s not that you have to focus for 20 minutes or something, it’s not that you have to, you know, do something with a lot of pressure.

I have enough pressure, believe me.

What is Transcendental Meditation?

Transcendental Meditation is a couple of tips that you can learn from a trainer, from a teacher in your area and it works right away.

I practice it every morning after waking up as a morning routine.

It’s actually very useful for clearing out your dreams and all the confusion from sleeping.

Consistent practice = an investment in yourself

When you practice Transcendental Meditation over a month or years in my case, it helps you to get a better balance.

It helps you get sorted out with things of your past, your daily routine and with your future concerns.

You know, everyone has some thoughts or concerns or fears. But it helps if you spend 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening thinking about that.

That is a huge investment of your time and this is a great investment in yourself.

So, go try it.

That’s how to relax.

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