Is Google Abusing Its Power? Here’s What I Think.

OK, so orange jacket guy:

“What do you think about Google, is Google abusing its power?”

Is Google abusing its power? Here’s my opinion

You see, Google is omnipresent.

Google is everywhere.

They have the most popular browser

They have the most popular search engine.

Plus, they have the most popular email service.

And they have the most popular ‘you name it’.

It’s Google.

Abusing its power is a side effect because they are everywhere and we are all using it.

How you are giving Google power

You cannot even buy the most popular phone, which is an android phone, let’s say a Samsung without signing up for Google.

You get this account for free. And you know why?

Because you are the product.

We all give our data, we all give our power to Google.

It’s not about some authority or some government giving Google power.

Google just took it. They build great stuff.

Google offers convenience

And they get us. Do you know why?

Because it’s free and it’s convenient.

Convenience kills privacy concerns.

At one point or another, everybody who is concerned about the privacy, concerned about human rights, being tracked or something, gives up and signs up anyway.

This is the success story of Google becoming more powerful.

It just happens because you and me are being too lazy or enjoying the convenience if you want to say this more positively.

There’s no easy way to compete with Google

But the convenience factor and the fact that it is free is the reason why Google is so powerful.

Yes, there’s not an easy way to compete with them.

Thank you.

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