LRTcon is Almost Sold Out. Here's Why You Should Get a Ticket

Hey guys here’s a quick update for LRTcon.

It’s in only 50 days, 5 0.

And I’m excited to tell you some great news.

Number one: I’ve been to the venue yesterday and it’s fantastic.

The view over Vienna is amazing.

If you have seen pictures or the movie that are posted on the landing page, then this is saying nothing about how it really feels to be up there.

Number two: the agenda is complete.

We’ve got nine amazing speakers and just to remind you the prices went up December 1 because we have Matt Diggity.

And we have Ross Tavendale.

Plus, we have Lukasz Kalus and we got Micha Rottmann added to the agenda.

We’re talking about how Matt built 70000 something links, how Ross sells linked building to corporations without selling link building.

We hear about what it takes to migrate all the link juice over in a website migration to not lose that from Lukasz.

And Micha is going to tell us how he improves his rankings only by getting rid of bad links.

That’s not all… By attending the conference, you do good

So if that’s not enough, next I want to remind you that the whole conference is for charity.

SOS Kinderdorf is a charity that I support for many years now. You can too by coming.

Or actually by donating if you want to donate to the charity, you can do that.

Either way, and let me know if you need some help with that.

The networking event alone is going to be so valuable

And we have a networking event.

I got some feedback from users who already bought a ticket two months ago, who didn’t realize that we have a networking event on January 24 so that’s a warm-up event where we start in the early evening.

Just spend some hours together to have food and dinner and drinks and meet up.

Meet up with the speakers, meet up with friends, partners, meet you guys already before the conference. At the conference you can focus more on the program on the presentations.

And of course the networking conference is something that you should not miss.

But… LRTcon is almost sold out!

It’s so recommended that while we didn’t promoted as much in the beginning, we now have these bundle tickets.

We get the LRTcon plus ticket where you can get the ticket plus the networking event together in one.

And yeah I know the price went up. So did the value.

And to be honest we don’t need to sell many more tickets. The LRTcon is almost sold out.

That location has a limitation.

The conference has a limitation and the people who know me and know the speakers that I work with and in general, you know, my quality standards, they booked long ago for much cheaper.

Now is your chance to come in and get one of the last tickets.

LRTcon 2020

And let me tell you because of this great success, we already planned an LRTcon 2020.

It’s going to happen again next year.

So if you’re interested, in sponsoring, if you’re interested in supporting, if you’re interested in speaking for LRTcon in 2020, it’s going to be end of January 2020.

We are planning that already, OK. So that’s great news.

Hope to see you in Vienna!

I so look forward to meeting you and your friends maybe at LRTcon for one of the last tickets so be advised, if you come and a couple or three or four or five people at the same time, there are some discounts for a bundle like that on the website.

But they won’t last for long, that’s for sure.

So I think we’re gonna be sold out in the next week.

For sure. Judging from what I see now in our second hour sales coming in.

So that was it with a quick update.

By the way, we’re planning the food!

I’m thinking about the food. Austria is very popular for wienerschnitzel and for zwiebelrostbraten and we’re going to have some more typical Austrian food at the networking event for sure, at the conference for sure.

You’re going to have some Austrian cuisine and yeah it’s probably going to involve meat as well because we eat a lot of meat.

Vegetarian, vegan, will have something for you as well, don’t worry.

See you at LRTcon 2019

Okay that’s it for me out of Vienna.

I wish you great day and hope to see you January 24 and 25 for LRTcon 2019.

And remember it’s only link conference in the world and it’s only for charity.

Want to join us for the world’s only link conference? Here’s how:

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