The Most Effective Way to Sell

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…or mistakes.

Whenever I have a month where I don’t run a webinar, I made a mistake of not running a webinar.

The most effective way to sell

Let me tell you that webinars are one of the most powerful ways to sell and to get people educated on your product.

If you have a complex software product like LinkResearchTools, then you want to use a method to show them.

There is a saying that says:

You cannot sell what you cannot show.

And me as a founder, I know the product, I can show it, I can demonstrate it.

Why webinars are such a powerful way to sell

Doing that in a webinar, combined with a Q & A regarding online marketing or SEO questions such as, “What’s Google up to?” is a perfect way of selling, if you want…

…Of presenting the product, of getting people engaged, getting them interested.

Webinar technology has been around forever and I’ve been doing that since 2009 on a regular basis.

You could even take that webinar and if you use a proper product you could record all that and publish that webinar as a recorded video, later on for people to look at.

Webinars can even help you hire people

And here is the kicker…

You can also use the same material to train people.

To train people on your team, new team members.

You can even use that material and we do that to disqualify, non-engaged job applicants.

So we give people that apply for a job part of our material and make them consume it and ask for a feedback.

How’s that?

So I just gave you a trick to make money, to make sales, to train your team and to find better team members.

You can thank me later.

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