How the Orange Jacket Became My Personal Brand

People always ask:

What’s the thing with the orange jacket?

Why does this dude wear an orange jacket?

The story of my personal brand… The orange jacket

I started wearing the orange jacket in 2008 because of a simple coincidence.

I set up a website in Drupal and the only proper template that was around was orange.

This is how I started the orange story.

I used orange borders in my marketing emails.

I have orange frames.

And this became my brand.

Why it works to this day

I walk around with an orange jacket at conferences and I have a spare jacket at the booth or two.

People flock to the booth because they see the orange jacket without me even being there and ask my team members: “Hey, where’s Christoph, I wanna talk to Christoph?”

So, it’s like a magnet for people.

It’s like my personal brand and it has worked for almost 10 years

This is what it is.

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Christoph C. Cemper
Christoph C. Cemper
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