Why We Increased Our Prices (It Has to Do With Results)

You know:

I sometimes get the question from clients that paid us $300/month, but now need to pay $3000/month.

“Why is that? Are you crazy? Are you trying to 10x your prices?”

My response?

No, I’m not crazy. Here’s why.

Why we increased our prices

I’m actually providing you with a so much better service

It has to do with us being able to audit more than 100x bigger backlink profiles for you.

We suddenly see so much more about your website. That means we have more data and we have more work.

You have better results.

Why did we change this? (Hint: We offer better results with LinkResearchTools)

We offer that and if you have a large business with dozens or hundreds of millions of links, I actively encourage you to think about that.

You don’t want settle for a small percentage of your backlinks…

In fact, we don’t even offer that to you anymore.

We stopped the possibility to do partial link audits.

This is why:

It’s like the rocket. Complaining about why we weren’t on the moon in the 1960s is pointless because we didn’t have a rocket ship.

Then we built a rocket ship and now we can do that.

The same is true about LinkResearchTools.

It’s just innovation.

With our update, you get better results with LinkResearchTools.

You wanna do the full thing.

I really really recommend that.

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Learn more about our LRT Certified Professional Workshops: http://cemper.co/increasedprices

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