Why You Should Send Out More Emails

When we talk about email marketing, and I’m very, very experienced in email marketing…

The #1 mistake is this:

Sending out too few emails.

I know, some people might know me as the guy who is always overdoing things.

People WANT to hear from you

Let me tell you this one thing:

If you have a proper healthy list, then you have people on that list who want to hear from you.

Now, those people are interested in your stuff.

Everyone who complains, everyone who unsubscribes does not belong on that list anyways.

Whenever we send to our list, which is a 6 digit number of emails, clients and leads that we have worked with over the years, then we have hundreds and thousands of unsubscribes.

And so what?

People change every day, they change jobs, they change lives, they might not like my face any more, they might not be interested in the product any more, and they might be competitors.

Focus on those who want to do business with you

I don’t care because you lose someone all the time.

But it’s not about obsessing or getting angry or annoyed about people who do not want to do business with you.

The people who you should look to are the ones who want to do business with you and those people need to hear more from you.

So let me tell you, the biggest mistake was listening to people who had not run email marketing for long enough and do not have a big list and do not have the disadvantage when people suddenly don’t hear enough from you anymore.

Send out regular emails

You want to send out more emails.

How often?

I know people who send out an email every day.

If you send out every week, that’s not a lot.

I get 1000 emails a day to my filtered inboxes.

There are people that might get annoyed, but so what?

They are not your customers anyways.

This is why you have a list, to market to your customer clientele.

Don’t be scared to send out more emails.

Let me tell you, it has worked for me.

Want more?

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Christoph C. Cemper
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