Why You Shouldn’t Steal Business From Google (Do This Instead)

So which are the companies in the market that could steal business from Google?

Well Google…

What Google?

Are you talking about the phone provider?

Are you talking about the web browser provider?

Maybe you’re talking about the network infrastructure provider that have optic fibre across the ocean, DNS providers, free web hosting, free email, YouTube as video hosting for free?

Or are you actually talking about the search engine, Google, where you can find some web site results in there that they monetize via ads?

Why Google is a category killer

All of these products are category killers as we would say in marketing theory.

They define or kill the category.

Google Analytics is the standard.

99.9% of businesses give their traffic data to Google for free, which is awesome.

Google has all the traffic, they know exactly what every one of us has been visiting.

Not down to the single person, but they are the category killer.

Before Google bought Urchin, that was the company that built Google Analytics around 2004, there had been multiple different web analytics products around and today I can only remember some really large enterprise products.

I think Adobe has one and that’s about it, not for the normal businesses.


Why it’s so hard to compete against Google

Because Google comes in, they make it so much better and they make it free.

Free? Well we give it up for convenience and data.

We don’t pay, but we feed Google with data.

This is the reason why Google is powerful.

Now compete with free.

Can you compete with free?

My saying is that getting from zero to one, $1 is really really hard if you have a free product as a competitor that is as good as the stuff that Google has.

How’s that going to work?

Want to get business from Google?

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