Want Better Work Life Balance? Here's How to Think About It

What’s work/life balance for you?

I’ll tell you something:

Whatever you have in mind, it’s probably that the problem sits in the words “work, life and balance.”

Why “work/life” balance is all wrong

If you consider your work being separate from your life, then think again.

Keep in mind that you spend 40 or more hours per week with your teammates, with your work.

If you just go to work to live…

You live for the weekend…

You can’t wait for the TGIF on Friday…

Or you are all disgruntled on Monday morning…

Then fix your life.

Because your life is broken, you have the wrong work.

Work and life go together.

Your life and work are not separate

Balance starts when you accept that your life is work, that your work is life and that, of course, you might go to work to make some money as well.

Believe me, if you just do it for the money, it’s gonna end really really bad for you.

I’ve done that, got the T-shirt and I can tell you hours and hours of stories just about that.

If it is just for the money, it won’t work out in the long term and the older you get, the more you will believe me.

Want more?

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