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Want to Succeed in Business? Here’s the #1 Secret

You know why I built a business?

After I built another business?

Why I built a business in between running LinkResearchTools?

I even built this software startup called Impactana. I built it up, marketed it and then after a pivot, reduced it and formally shut it down.

That was one startup. The rest, I’ve finished.

Want to succeed in business? Here’s what you need to do

Because it's not about having ideas, it's not about starting it, it's not about being the smartest or brightest or fastest...

It's about finishing.

Getting things done means completing things.

The BIG mistake we make

The one biggest mistake in all of our lives, not just business lives, is not sticking to a plan and then giving up.

Giving up, quitting is what kills all the joy… It’s what kills all the effort.

If you make a conscious decision to stop doing something that you already started but then you stopped selling a product- that's a different story.

But giving up halfway… whether it’s your video logs, blog, business, going after the girl you want, whatever, is quitting.

That's the opposite of getting things done.

Want to START getting things done?

In my book “Spaghetti Code: Detangling Life and Work with Programmer Wisdom”, I share how to succeed in business and in life: http://cemper.co/succeedinbusiness

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Christoph C. Cemper
Christoph C. Cemper started working in online marketing in 2003 providing SEO consulting and link building services. Out of the need for reliable and accurate SEO software, he developed the first internal tools in 2006. This was the basis for the full product LinkResearchTools (LRT) launched to the public in 2009 as SaaS product.
Christoph C. Cemper
Christoph C. Cemper

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