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Spaghetti Code - Detangling Life and Work with Programmer Wisdom

About The Book

Programmers are some of the least known, understood, or inquired of, people on the planet. One of Christoph C. Cemper’s goals, in his book, Spaghetti Code: Detangling Life and Work with Programmer Wisdom, is to bring more recognition to this vast group of professionals and the amazing work they perform.

CEO, of LinkResearchTools, Christoph C. Cemper began programming computers, as a young teen. At that time, the Commodore 64 was one of the first “home” computers. Until then, computers, and time on them, was available only to an elite few. Bill Gates, for instance, wrote in his first book, about the opportunity, at his private school to use access time to a mainframe computer with the school’s teletype machine.

Now, from the vantage of more than three decades of being a part of the programmer community, Cemper relates his stories from the front lines of programming. He provides a unique perspective of work and life, as seen from a programmer’s stance. And he provides some “programmer wisdom” to suggest some solutions for the obstacles of work and life. As well, in the book, he advocates for the profession of programmer and the great future available, as part of the programmer community.

Spaghetti Code

Detangling Life and Work with Programmer Wisdom

Bestselling Book #1 in “Leadership” and “Management”. *CEO of successful brand wishes he had this five years ago.*

Available as Paperback, Kindle and Audiobook on Audible.

Spaghetti Code Book Bestseller no1 leadership management

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It’s been quite a long way from early coding and just a “Hello world!” to really helping people with clever software. Christoph has been around since the early beginnings, so he got quite some stories to tell. Enjoy his book! ~Marcus Tandler, The @mediadonis and co-founder of RYTE

Author Christoph C. Cemper

About The Author

Christoph C. Cemper began working with online marketing in 2003, providing search engine organization (SEO) consulting and link-building services to businesses and business professionals. Due to a pressing need for reliable, comprehensive, and accurate SEO software, he developed an internal tool for his own business, in 2006, that could verify links associated with websites.

This initial software tool became a baseline product, and evolved into the company’s complete software service, LinkResearchTools (LRT).

The goal of the company, and its software suite, was to ensure that each business controlled their link associations on the internet. By doing so, the business controlled their image and brand name; the LRT software allowed them to disavow links to websites, which they felt were discordant with their values and image.

The importance of a business recovering from Google penalties, protecting against future penalties, outgrowing their competitors, and increasing their traffic through proactive link building becomes imperative, as the search engines gain greater control and power.

When the famous Google Penguin update changed the rules of SEO in 2012, Christoph launched Link Detox®, a software built for finding links that posed a risk in a website’s backlink profile, and introduced the technology and formal process for ongoing link audits in 2012, as well as pro-active removal and disavowal of bad links.

Christoph focuses on leading his team to remain cutting edge in staying informed, and adapting to, any changes to search engine algorithms that affect the company’s clients and their businesses. In the post-Penguin era, every link-building mistake can lead to a Google penalty resulting in lost business.

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Christoph C. Cemper
Christoph C. Cemper
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