Personal Development

Want Results? Finish What You Start

Did you know that I was a software developer at the age of 13? No actually at the age of 10. I had a home computer, a Commodore 64, that I got when I was 10 years old.

How the Orange Jacket Became My Personal Brand

People always ask: What’s the thing with the orange jacket? Why does this dude wear an orange jacket? The story of my personal brand… The orange jacket I started wearing the orange jacket in 2008 because of a simple coincidence.

Want Better Work Life Balance? Here's How to Think About It

What’s work/life balance for you? I’ll tell you something: Whatever you have in mind, it’s probably that the problem sits in the words “work, life and balance.”

The One Thing That Will Make You Love Public Speaking

I’m a public speaker since 2009… I’ve been on hundreds of stages. And you know what I like most about it? That’s probably what scares you the most.

Why Investing in Your Education Makes All the Difference

“Why should I pay for my education?” This is a question I get sometimes when I talk about our training, LinkResearchTools Certified Professional Training, which we run in Vienna, in London, in Las Vegas, you name it…

How to Relax: Here's How to Find More Balance in Life

Something people ask me all the time is this: “So Christoph, you are obviously under pressure you run a business, you have family and kids… …so how do you relax, what do you do for relaxation?

Why Positive Thinking is Key (It’s Not What You Think)

You know that time I got sued in court? It taught me something important. Here’s what I learned… and what happened. You see, one of our core values in our company is:

How to Learn Fast and Develop Yourself

One of the Cemper core values is: “Learn fast and develop yourself.” It’s one rule we have for continuous learning, for lifelong learning. You might have read it on the news and heard people talk about it.

Want a Career Change? Here’s the One Thing You Can’t Miss.

It’s frustrating, isn’t it? You want to finish what you set out to do. But something keeps you back. Here below, I reveal the secret that has helped me transition from software to marketing and beyond.

Deliver Outstanding Results (Wows)

One of our company’s most important values is to deliver “Wows’. A “Wow” is more than a basic pride one gets from accomplishing good work. A “Wow” is achieved when work becomes a job well done.